Ratatouille's Revenge

+ Kitchen Lover

Sept. 6, 2024

The Garibaldi Hotel, Northampton

Free Entry. Music from 8.30pm. 18+ Only

Ratatouille's Revenge Leeds

Ratatouille’s Revenge are a Leeds-based band who channel the sonic spirit of Pink Floyd’s innovation, Nirvana’s raw intensity, and The Clash’s rebellion, fusing a psychedelic journey with punk grit, to take listeners on an auditory exploration of the cosmos and beyond.

Kitchen Lover Brighton

A two piece firehouse garage rock outfit based in Brighton that values authenticity and originality to their pink & fluffy core. The coating layer however, is the raw sound of instruments being played like ones life were depended on it. Which they are.



The Garibaldi Hotel
19-21 Bailiff Street, Northampton, NN1 3DX

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